How to get cysts on your ovaries, starve yourself and binge!

Hey guys,
As you may have noticed, I have been quiet lately.
That is because I have had cysts redevelop on my ovaries, I have been binge eating and starving myself – and I have been too scared to tell you!
I honestly thought I would NEVER experience ay of these 3 aspects of my past again, so I guess I have been in denial about it.
I wanted to film a video instead of just write a blog as it was wayyyy more confronting and made me take responsibility and own up to what I have been doing.
I started this blog to show you my transition to healthier food, and I had amazing results! I cured my cystic ovaries, stopped binge eating and no longer starved myself. I started running in races, inspiring other people to change their lifestyle and that was the greatest feeling.
Since having an IUD (contraceptive device) removed last year I have been bouncing between binge eating and starving and it makes me so sad that I am back to where I started.
At the same time I am so grateful that I have the power to heal myself with a raw vegan diet and lifestyle, and I look forward to re-inspiring myself and my beautiful blog readers to be healthy, one blog at a time!
Thankyou for holding a space of love and support for me, I really appreciate having you guys to communicate with.
Love Sarah

2 thoughts on “How to get cysts on your ovaries, starve yourself and binge!

  1. Welcome back Sarah Mae :) We’re all a little messed up and it’s great you’re confronting your challenges. That’s no easy task! Good luck on your recovery and you are good enough just as you are. Look forward to seeing your videos and sharing them with my sister with ovarian cysts. Just a suggestion that may help… maybe if you don’t put yourself in such a small box of “raw vegan” and get overwhelmed if you “mess up”, you could just put yourself in the I’m nourishing my body and listening to what it wants today box you might feel more at ease in the transition. Lots of luck and hugs!


  2. Oh Sarah Mae!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for writing this. It spoke to me very loudly and clearly like it was myself speaking. Thank you for the honesty of your journey because that takes courage and guts to do that, i can vicariously live those thoughts I have myself through you and you do it with such a graceful and honest approach.
    This is the beauty of life, it’s not all about the end result its about getting back up when we fall down, and most of the time the down is caused by our own fears and insecurities, but I am here with you on your health journey. I see you in myself.

    God Bless!



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